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Deepening my spiritual practice with Yoga

Hi Everyone,

I want to reflect on some of the ways that my yoga practice has enhanced and deepened my spirituality.  First, I believe that yoga in itself is a very spiritual endeavor.  The very idea that one exercise can help to align the mind and the body through specific poses and breathwork, is a very powerful concept for me.  And in many ways, I’m developing a deeper spiritual side to myself when I practice yoga.  So here are some ways that I am spiritually enhanced with yoga in my life.

1. Yoga has helped me to develop courage.  I have a magnet on my fridge that says “Faith Requires Courage” and I believe that is such a strong and true statement.  Yoga helps me to develop courage particularly when I do the Warrior poses.  I feel so strong and empowered because I really do feel like a warrior.  When my arms are extended, I feel that I can literally take on the world.


2. Yoga helps with balance.  Balance is very important!  Many yoga poses require some level of balance to be within the body.  Some yoga poses need a lot of balance (i.e. the Tree pose).  And spiritually, when I think about balance, I think about how everything that God creates has a balanced counterpart: Man/Woman; Dry/Wet; Night/Day; Black/White…..  Balance is essential to our lives, yet so many of us take it for granted.  With yoga, I’m internalizing balance and I think about: In what ways am I adding balance to my life? In what ways are my relationships balanced? How do I balance myself as a graduate student and a teacher?  Do I feel balanced when I’m in a particular environment? How can I become more of a balanced person?  BALANCE!!!!

3. Yoga is helping me to become more patient.  Yoga is all about patience.  Patience with being more flexible, patience while being in a yoga pose, patience with yourself as you body becomes accustomed to yoga…..patience, patience, patience.  And this is VERY helpful for me because I tend to be pretty impatient.  And that is something that I am changing about myself.  But yoga helps because it helps me to slow down and let God work in my life and in my body.



karla 🙂

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