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The Importance of a Vision Book

Hi Everyone!

One of the things that I’ve been working on lately is writing in my vision book.  This vision book consists of ALL of the goals, dreams, ideas, thoughts, desires, affirmations and hopes that relate to my personal and professional life.

I use the word “vision” intentionally here.


Vision implies seeing. And it’s important that I not only think of the goals, dreams, ideas, and thoughts that I have, but it’s important that I SEE them.  This vision book consists of the thoughts that reflect what I see in my imagination. A dream book or an idea book are just that–dreams and ideas.  But a vision book means that I’m actually seeing these dreams and ideas as I’m writing them.  Such a powerful concept!

A few weeks ago, I just so happened to catch a segment on the Steve Harvey Radio Show where he was speaking to a woman about how she can live a more satisfying and fulfilling life.  The words he said to her were so powerful, that I stopped everything I was doing, grabbed a sheet of paper and took notes.  And one of the things that he mentioned was that God lives in our imagination.  God provides us with a glimpse of His plans to us through our imagination.

And, I applied that concept in my own life by writing in my vision book–I am capturing what’s in my imagination.  So a vision is not just a thought, it’s a spiritual musing.  

So I encourage you (if you haven’t done so already), to begin writing down what God is showing you, revealing to you, telling you, and whispering to you in your imagination in your vision book.

What is it that you see???



                                   “Write the vision and make it plain”~~Habakkuk 2:2

~~k. rose 🙂

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