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Self-Care Salute!: 4 Sistas Dedicated to Self-Care and Wellness to Know About

Self-care is definitely a journey! And I am here to say that there are some ladies that God put here on this earth that have definitely helped me on my journey. In this blog post, I want to give a shout-out to 4 sistas who are out here, working, caring, and healing. These women are dedicated to the self-care, healing, and wellness for women of color. I have a lot of respect for each of these women and I appreciate their hard work.

I see you and I salute you!afro-153901_960_720.png

1) Queen Afua. All hail the Queen! I met Queen Afua for the first time at the Black Women’s Wellness Conference in 2014 in Madison, WI. At that time, I was going through a lot emotionally and I was broken, to say the least. I went to this conference and Queen Afua—maaaaaaan, she spoke life into me!!! I was hooked on her ideals of detoxing, womb wellness, and the woman’s body as a spiritual, sacred temple. Her words just made so much sense to me! Shortly after hearing her speak, I purchased a couple of her books, Sacred Woman, Heal Thyself, and Overcoming the Angry Vagina. I also purchased her detox products and did a 6-week vegan cleanse using her herbal teas, products, and recommendations. She speaks a lot about the use of affirmations, healing oils, healing foods vis-a-vie plant-based diets, healing yoga poses, building healthy relationships with YOURSELF, with other sistas, with men, and much more. Queen Afua also does healing retreats based out of her wellness center in Brooklyn.   Queen Afua is a MUST-HAVE for any woman engaging in self-care and wellness.

2) Black Girl in Om. I love these ladies! Although Lauren Ash is now a one-woman show, I absolutely love this brand. Black Girl in Om started in Chicago as a space for Black women to come together in the name of healing and wellness, primarily because these sorts of spaces were non-existent. BGIO is concerned with self-care and wellness for the new millennial woman of color….and their podcasts are ON POINT! Talking everything from veganism, to healthy relationship building, to meditation and yoga, BGIO is a go-to for black girl magic wellness. Salute!

3) I will do an entire blog post on just this book alone: Sacred Pampering Principles: An African-American Woman’s Guide to Self-Care and Inner Renewal by Debrena Jackson Gandy. In this book, Ms. Gandy outlines several principles for the Black woman to achieve self-care. The author also gives attention to the term “pampering”, where she focuses on self-care as an inner process, just as much as an outer process. She suggests that while woman are very attentive to their outer appearance, they (we) should also be as equally concerned with taking care of our inner selves. This is a friendly, easy-to-read book that requires reflection, participation, and contemplation. This is a guarantee win for the Black woman who needs that specific push while on her self-care journey.  Ms. Gandy also gives the reader questions and space to engage in reflective self-contemplation.


4) Chelsea Loves Yoga: I love, love, love Chelsea! She is such an enthusiast for yoga who is bound to have you feeling all types of Namaste-ish. Jackson completed her dissertation at Emory University, analyzing the literacy practices of Black girls and their embodied yoga practices. Since her doctoral work, she’s become a leading guru in the yoga world! I remember having a conversation with her and one of the things she said that was important to her was having a Black yoga teacher. She emphasized that it was important to go into a healing space, such as a yoga studio, and feeling welcomed and invited by teachers and other students who look like her. Now, you can check out Chelsea on the cover of Yoga journal; her blog,, or at a yoga studio near you! She has a certain elegance, calmness, and welcoming spirit that will definitely help you to draw you in to your highest self.

Thanks again Ladies for ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!  🙂

~k. rose

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