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Money Mindset Monday: Affirmations for Financial Wellness

I will say that with when the past 6 years, my financial status took a serious turn. I went from having a pretty nice-paying job, ONE full-time job, with no real expenses to having a complete opposite lifestyle change.   And along with that lifestyle change (I left my full-time job to pursue graduate school full-time while having multiple part-time jobs), came a change with my change.  

But one thing that I found that has helped me is changing my belief systems about money. I realized that while, yes, I was struggling financially, I was struggling with having positive beliefs about money.

So, in addition to praying over my financial situation, I decided to change my mindset about money and I did this primarily with affirmations. I will do a whole other blog post about affirmations, but for right now, I want to elaborate on financial affirmations. Using affirmations has helped A LOT with changing my financial situation. Since I’ve started using affirmations for financial abundance, the following things happened (all of this happened in 2016):

  1. I became more disciplined with my money and more aggressive with saving—although I still struggle in this area sometimes.
  2. I paid off a lot of debt, including PAYING OFF MY CAR!!! I was so excited when the title for my car came in the mail.
  3. I started to negotiate with previous lenders where they significantly reduced the amount of debt that I owed or just erased the debt altogether!! I was surprised when one credit card company I owed sent a letter in the mail, saying that my $5,300 debt was reduced to a $530 debt…..BUT GOD!!!!
  4. And with the use of praying, believing, and affirming, I was able to literally speak jobs into existence, which of course, helped increase my finances (Matthew 7:7).
  5. I met with a financial advisor a few times and attended a couple of financial literacy seminars that helped a LOT! A financial advisor will tell like it is and, sometimes, I know that I need to hear that in order to get my life right.
  6. I began reading more books and blog posts about financial wellness (that’s another blog post), which gave me the information I needed to learn in order to improve my financial situation.


So I want to share some of my favorite affirmations. Now, the key with affirmations is to say them repeatedly…up to 100 times a day if you can. And, the other thing I had to remember is to say them with high, positive energy. Because words operate vibrationally, I had to remember to say the affirmations with a high vibration (feeling) if they were to be effective.

  • The money I spend comes back to me multiplied.
  • My bank accounts have more money in them each month (Ask, Believe, & Receive~~Steve Harvey)
  • Everyday, my relationship with money becomes healthier.
  • I am willing to master the energy of money.
  • Money is my friend. (One toxic belief was thinking that money was not a friend because it seemed to never stay around!)
  • I am becoming a better steward of my finances.
  • All of my debts are PAID IN FULL!!!!! (About a week after I started saying this one, was when the credit card company offered me that deal on that $5300 balance that I owed).
  • As I give, it is given back to me, good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over (This is Biblical—Luke 6:38).
  • I am ready to receive all of the financial blessings that God has for me right now.
  • All of my needs are met. (I realized one reason why I struggled financially was believing that all of my needs were not met, so I was constantly going out and buying this, that and the third, but this affirmation is changing my mindset so that I can begin believing that I already have all that I need and I don’t need to go out and buy more things.).
  • I believe that God is blessing me right now!! (I like Bishop Larry Trotter’s song, “The Lord is blessing me right now”.)

Of course, there are many more financial affirmations, but these are some of my favorite ones. Now, these do take time to work because change does not happen overnight. You may see a change right away with some things (maybe within a few days) and other things make take weeks, months, or even years to manifest. But if you can say them (or any others) in good faith, high hopes, and positive energy, YOU WILL SEE A DIFFERENCE!!! Hopefully, your financial situation will be well blessed.

I am certainly believing that my finances are well blessed.



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