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Thirsty Thursdays: Why I drink and LOVE the Aloe Vera Plant

I remember the first time I came across the Aloe Vera plant was when my aunt gave me a piece to take home because I had a burn on my skin.  I was a little girl and I knew nothing about healing and plants or anything like that.  But I knew that this relative of the cactus family helped! And I guess at that time, that’s all I needed to know…


Now, years later, I’ve incorporated aloe vera juice into my self-care and wellness routine.  I find myself drinking an ounce of aloe vera juice every morning.  Here’s what I know about the aloe vera plant, its gel, and its juice:

  1. Egyptians have used the aloe vera plant for YEARS.  Egyptian women knew that the aloe vera plant was good for the skin, so many of them used it to promote beautiful and healthy skin, particularly for the face.
  2. egyptian-1822056__340
  3. Drinking an ounce of juice everyday is good for digestion issues, any sorts of inflammation, stomach ulcers,and  bacteria/viral infections. Instead of resorting to ginger ale to help ease temporary indigestion, I rely on the power of the aloe vera plant!
  4. It’s good to drink aloe vera if you are an athlete or have an exercise regimen as it helps to promote energy.  Yesterday, I drank my normal ounce of aloe vera and then went to the gym and I was gettin’ it in!!! I was surprised at how much endurance and energy I had.
  5. I also it on my face as it is helping to clear acne, dark spots, and preventing break-outs.
  6. Aloe vera is also good for the hair, as it helps to strengthen hair follicles, promote beautiful hair, and helps prevent hair breakage.
  7. It has a tart taste, but I don’t care!  I used to mix a little bit of apple juice or grape juice in to help ease the sour taste, but now, I just drink a shot of it straight!
  8. Aloe vera is also handy for any sort of burns (sunburns, burns from cooking, curling iron, etc), sores/warts, hemorrhoids, and any area on the skin that is infected.  Rubbing some aloe vera plant on affected skin areas will help with the healing process.
  9. I’m seeing a lot of over-the-counter health/beauty products and creams with aloe vera and I’m excited! Anything with aloe vera is good for the body.

I use the Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera products as I’ve found them to be very effective.

Cheers and here’s to good health,

~karla 🙂

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