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Poppin’ Peppermint Oil: Uses & Benefits

For the longest time, I’ve struggled with all types of stomach issues. Everything from stomachaches, to constipation, to even having been put to sleep so that the doctor can run intestinal x-rays on me—were some of my experiences. Everytime I would eat dinner, I would always feel the need to drink ginger ale (Canada Dry, only please!!) to settle my stomach. I thought this would go on forever.

Until I realized that changing my diet would be the primary way to prevent stomach issues.

So after coming to this realization, I began to remove some things from my diet and began adding things. One of the blessings that I’ve added to my diet is anything dealing with PEPPERMINT!!!
Allow me to explain the ways in which I use peppermint oil and how it has benefited my health.

  1. Mental Booster—(I will do another blog post on just aromatherapy oils, why I started using them and how I use them). But peppermint oil acts as a strong aromatherapy oil when I need it. Anytime, I need a mental booster (i.e. before going to work or any time period when I need sustained mental energy), I just simply smell the oil it instantly wakens my brain. I’m ready to go!!!
  2. It helps with stomachaches!! THANK YOU GOD!! I knew that I didn’t want to keep drinking pop in order to settle my stomach, so I began trying peppermint oil and tea. I drink the hot tea anytime my stomach is feeling funny and I usually notice a difference within about 10-15 minutes. If I don’t drink the tea, I may add a drop or two of peppermint oil to a bottle of water and drink it. I may also add a drop or two to my green smoothies in the morning. This usually helps.
  3. Smelling peppermint oil also clears sinuses. That’s right! I haven’t taken any over-the-counter meds for sinuses in years since I started my natural lifestyle path (I may do another blog post on how I cured myself of sinuses using natural remedies). Again, just smelling the oil, will instantly clear your nose, clear your breathing passages, and break down any mucus that is trapped in your respiratory system. Eucalyptus oil also helps with clearing sinuses too.
  4. Peppermint oil is also really good for washing hair too. I just love the way that my scalp tingles when the oil hits. Because peppermint oil is anti-bacterial, it also helps to ease my dandruff and dry scalp and acne breakouts. (I have a lot of upcoming blog posts about incorporating natural remedies into my beauty and skincare routines).


Two of my favorite products that I use that contain peppermint oil are: Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Oil Soap and Young Living Peppermint Oil.

Here’s to good health!



K. Rose 🙂

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