Mental Wellness

New Years, a New Me, and a New Mind

Happy new year everyone!   While I would agree that 2016 was a turbulent and difficult year, I made it up in my mind that I would take greater control over myself in 2017.

I made it up in my mind that self-care and wellness would take priority in my life.

To that end, comes this blog in which I am going to hold myself accountable to the various ways in which I do care for myself. I want to see my journey. I want to see the areas in which I’ve grown while examining the areas in which I still need to grow.

This blog for today is going to focus on my first #SundaySelfCare Starter Kit. In other words, what am I doing that shows that I care for myself? What tools are in my starter kit?


The first area I’m starting in is my mindset. If I haven’t realized anything in the past few years, I did learn the power of thinking. In simplest terms, positive thinking yields positive results and negative thinking yields negative results. Plain and simple.

What am I doing to take care of my mental wellness?

  1. Identify the old habits, the toxic beliefs, and the negative thinking and RELEASE THEM! First, I had to admit that my thinking was indeed messed up. This is not easy, but I’m forcing myself to look at the ways in which I am sabotaging my own blessings and this starts with the ways in which I am perceiving and thinking about my life, my situations, my relationships, my work ethic, etc.  I understand that change is not going to happen in my life if I keep holding onto the same toxic, stale and limiting beliefs.  I need to release these limiting beliefs in order to create space for the empowering beliefs in my mind.
  2. Be willing to embrace new, positive, uplifting, and empowering belief systems. This is very important. In order to create the change that I want in my life, I have to be able to see it, taste it, believe it, and accept these new beliefs and changes into my mind. One way that I do this is through the use of affirmations. I am going to write a few blog posts on affirmations because the power of the WORD is real, valuable, and very helpful and uplifting. One affirmation that I rely on is: “I replace past limiting beliefs with new and empowering beliefs”. With this affirmation, I am telling my subconscious mind and my conscious mind to eradicate all of the beliefs that I’ve held on to that are limiting and unproductive and to replace those belief systems with new and empowering beliefs. You have to train your mind what to think otherwise your mind will think whatever you allow it to think.


3. Pray, pray, pray. Prayer is a direct communicative source to God. It is my way of allowing your Higher Spirit and Self to communicate with the HIGHEST Spirit there is—God. Prayer gets my mind right in so many ways.  Keeping a gratitude journal is a favorite way that I communicate to God the ways in which I am blessed and grateful.  I’ve also learned to pray during the midst of danger, troubles, and uncomfortable situations.  We cannot always lean on someone else to pray for us–there are times in which we must activate our own power and speak to God immediately and directly.  This comes through prayer.

TODAY’S AFFIRMATION: I release past limiting beliefs and replace them with new and empowering beliefs.

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