Welcome to Natural Rose!!—A blog on my personal self-care and wellness journey. 

This is a blog that I’m VERY excited to write.  I’ve been pondering on this blog for awhile (a few months) and I decided that this new year of 2017 would be a good place to begin.

First, a little about me: I am a licensed K-12 educator who is dedicated to intentionally taking care of myself.  I officially started my self-care and wellness journey in 2014.  I was in graduate school and was experiencing a serious stress overload!

At that time, I decided to embark on a life-changing journey towards natural healing, self-care and wellness.  


I am starting this blog because I am dedicated to living the best life I can possibly live and I see self-care as a big part of that.  I am at the beginning phases of my journey, so in a way, this blog is holding me accountable to this new lifestyle that I am consciously choosing.  I would love to share the information that I’ve learned from academic research, lived experiences, and personal conversations.

My blog is unique in two major ways:

  1. I provide specific strategies and techniques that I am currently using to promote self-care and wellness in my life. I don’t just talk about, I be about it and I provide specific illustrations which exemplify self-care and wellness in my own being.
  2. I pay attention to the whole being of the human: A holistic self-care and wellness. Many times, when we think of self-care and wellness, we think of yoga, or making some bomb smoothies, or taking a walk in the park. And while, yes, those activities definitely constitute self-care and wellness, there are other areas of the human being that must be taken into consideration as well. Such as: Financial wellness; Spiritual wellness; and Environmental Wellness.

I look forward to learning, loving, and living.


K. Rose 🙂